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With new technologies hitting the market every day and a client base that runs the gamut from the tech-savvy investor to the multi-generational landowner who still does business on a handshake and doesn’t utilize the internet, it’s a balancing act for the successful land broker to stay relevant across all of the audiences we must.  Over the next several months, we’d like to share some tips and tricks to help you grow your business and better serve your clients’ needs. 


Focus on Interactive Mapping


What kind of mapping are you utilizing for your land listings?   Do you still rely on photocopies of county records and plat maps? Are you currently employing some type of aerial mapping, and how are you getting this information in front of potential buyers? 


Whether we’re talking about residential properties, commercial investment locations, or, in our case, farm, ranch, and agribusiness properties, consumers can find more information than ever before about properties on the internet.  Potential buyers are searching public records, looking at Google Maps, and scouring syndicated websites that provide property details, convinced that they can go-it-alone in their property search.  This makes it more important than ever to give potential customers a one-stop shop for all of the information for any listing you are marketing – and this should include some form of interactive mapping program.


Interactive mapping programs provide important benefits for land brokers and for our potential customers. There are several valuable tools on the market today. At the Superior Land Network, we utilize to create impactful maps of every property that enables us to go far beyond establishing the boundary of a property.  Internally, these programs allow us to not only access information about neighboring landowners, comparable sales, state and federal permit information, flood zones, access, and more, but we are also able to generate polished soil reports and printed maps.  Another great feature about interactive mapping programs is our ability to highlight improvements or special features of any property.  Maps can integrate photo and video points, property records, descriptions and more.  And with the ability for users to zoom in and out, a potential buyer can learn more about not just the property but the surrounding area, as well.  Best of all, you can utilize the maps as embedded features on all of your listings or share them by text or email.  Utilizing the free mobile app, you and your potential clients can also view the map with built-in GPS capability that will show you your precise location while on showings or property tours.


If you’re not currently utilizing interactive mapping, we would be happy to help you get started in our MapRight account to see how you can use this important resource to enhance all of your land listings.  Just contact the office at or 806-324-7949 to put this powerful tool to work to help you better serve your clients and grow your business.

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