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Superior Land Auction is excited to introduce our newest land auctioneer, Steve Friskup.


Steve, who currently lives in Muleshoe, Texas with his wife Robin, is no stranger to the auctioneer world. As a world-renowned horse auctioneer, he started at a young age watching and helping his father with auctions in a sale barn in Kansas. His family then purchased a sale barn when they moved to Central Oklahoma at the start of his high school career. Surprisingly, Steve had no intentions of coming back to the auctioneer life when he graduated high school and started college; however, that idea only lasted about a month.


Steve attended Panhandle State University and his auctioneer career officially started in 1984 when he started working for Triangle Sale Company. He’s been building his career for the last 38 years following his passion and doing what he loves. He believes it is important to connect with the people and the horses to deliver the best guidance for the audience. Steve’s honestly and humor keep the buyers coming to sales and keeps the atmosphere filled with energy. Steve has sold thousands of horses all ranging in variations. It’s no surprise some of these horses have brought up to six-figures in sales. Maintaining customer relationships are important in this industry and Steve is one of the best connecting with people.


When Steve isn’t in the auction barn, you can find him preaching the word of God. He is the pastor of The Muleshoe Cowboy Fellowship, and many know him as “Coffee with the Colonel” where he uses his Facebook profile to share the gospel through morning Bible study videos.


Steve and his wife have two daughters and three grandsons. You can often find them spending time with family when not found at a sale barn or church.

LICENSE #: 7456

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